Saturday 24 March 2012

Haul out

Friday/Saturday 16-17/3. Took AS over to the Yacht Haven for Haul out/survey on Monday. Took the guys a few attempts to get her into the slings but all ok.
First time seen her out of water.

No obvious signs of osmosis but will have to wait on survey.
Oiled/greased sea cocks. Except after getting home realised had forgotten outlet for the loo! Tidied up cockpit lockers. Found emergency tiller.

Removed port aft chain plate u-bolt. Some corrosion on alminium toe rail under chain plate but not excessive. Backing plates not up to much though. Discussed with Tim from the yard and agreed that he would remove all four u-bolts for the lower shrouds and replace the backing plates with more substantial ones.

Tried but failed to get the diesel central heating to work. Probably something amiss with the fuel pump.

Found a box of winch spares which is very handy given that Tim warned me that the mast winches felt like they needed stripping down and servicing.

Also found inspection lamp and anchor lamp both fully operational.

Better luck with the ancient Navtex console. Just needed the antenna connection improving.

Stripped out the lining under the the side deck in the galley area. Absolutely sodden. The toe rail fastenings and or those for the genoa tracks probable culprits. There's standing water on the deck after rain and it leaks through. Similar situation on the starboard side above the chart table. Probably a job that will have to wait until get to the Medway.

Spoke to the Surveyor on the Wednesday following. Thankfully doesn't seem to be any major problems. The rudder apparently is covered with blisters which I completely failed to notice but the hull only a couple of small ones which he said were of no concern. The seam along the bottom of the keel had apparently opened but had probably been like it for years. Not a difficult job and not urgent. One of the rudder fixing bolts was loose so Tim sorted that before AS was relaunched on the Friday. I go up again over the weekend of the 24th/25th and by then the mast should be back in. Will have lots to do to prepare for the trip down over Easter.

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