Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bow chainplate installed

On Saturday I finished making up the bow chainplate by drill in out the bolt holes and the pin hole.

Then with Alan's help I managed to install it. Mind you in the process I almost got stuck head first in the anchor locker a few times and the sight of a pair of legs poking out the front of a boat and waving around must have been a strange sight!

Finally I filled the cavity with expanding foam which went bloody everywhere. Goodness knows how long it will take to get it off hands. I frantically taped plastic bags over it all to try and keep the dam stuff in. That green stuff squirting out in the bottom photo is the foam.The original plan consisted of squirting the foam under a plastic bag. It didn't work!

Next weekend I hope to glass it over and reinstall all the metal work and the forestay. Before that though as advised by Kiwi Chris I will need to insert a plastic gasket because the fibreglass resin may dissolve the foam!

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