Saturday 18 April 2015

Today, next, A Coruna & miscellaneous photos

Today was a jobs day on the boat. These included a temporary repair to a spreader guard that disappeared somewhere between Ramsgate and Dover and which necessitated a repair to the Genoa in Plymouth. Unfortunately the local Chandlers here did not have the right size guard so I had to just tape it up. Also a temporary repair to a signal halyard that tore off the spreader somewhere on the Biscay crossing.

Other jobs included repairing the tail light wiring, repairing the food locker catch and reinforcing other locker stops, getting more gas and perhaps most importantly (hopefully) attending to window leaks. I'd previously made some improvements but during the rough weather the constant cascade of water down the coach roof sides penetrated particularly through the window above the chart table resulting in water logged charts and over Tony's bunk, resulting in a damp bed!

Another rather late start and a couple of hours of rain, meant that was about all we got done.

Tomorrow the wind vane is the priority. We'll try making the adjustments recommended by Chris. On the tiller pilot front, I'm going to order another and get Sharon to bring it over with her. We won't make Lisbon by boat in time to meet her and Sue unfortunately and will therefore have to train it down there from Vigo, to where we hope to get by the end of next week via a few day sails. The plan is leave here early Monday morning and catch the ebb west along the coast and head for Camarinas, then the Ria Muros and then Vigo.

A Coruna has been a good port of refuge and whilst it does have some impressive architecture, the overall impression has been one of slight disappointment. The old part of town lacked a wow factor and the major works going on around the water front meant we were in a bit of building site. Finding good eating holes was more difficult than we expected. Loads of Tapas bars and Ham Jaoneria's (?) but few attractive restaurants - most had gone down the very modern look which left us both a bit cold. It was a joy however to find proper shops rather than supermarkets on every corner. Not a Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi etc in sight. The real find was the Ferreteria (the Iron Mongers) long extinct back home.

The people have all been very friendly of course.

From Biscay...


  1. Hi Tom I am following your exploits with great interest. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, be good and get home safe! Love Ali xxx


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