Wednesday 16 March 2016

Pasito Blanco - day 2

I forgot to mention that the new cockpit table/sole had also suffered in the sun, all the seams had opened up. I have oiled a few times and will continue to do so. I will stow below when I leave next week.

Today was slow progress. I decided to install a battery charger and small solar panel for the engine battery so that it will stay topped up/ will be easy to charge it up. Last week Agustin tried to start the engine for me but no power and he went to great lengths to charge the battery up. Previously the leads of the battery charger had to be attached and the charger plugged in. Because the charger is so inaccessible under the cockpit sole that was no easy matter. Suffice to say it took me all day to accomplish those two tasks. I didn't have all the right bits and pieces and so had to improvise with various wires attachments and soldering iron and of course dropped a few bits down the bilge. Whilst doing all that I noticed that the leads on the battery terminals were loose which may be why the charging light was not going out. It might even be why the stop button was not working, but now I'm scared of starting the engine in case I can't stop it. Tony suggested using the decompression lever. I may try that.

Eventually the installation was done and I was able to stow everything back in the cockpit locker and so make things a little more presentable.

Treated myself to a rum and coke afterwards. Almost too dozy to right this!

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