Friday 26 July 2019

More Photos and Videos June - July 2019

To view the videos click on the Page 'Videos from the Jester Baltimore Challenge and return 2019' (see the right hand panel).

Some photos from Salcombe to Hoo are posted below.

Arctic Smoke back on her Mooring at Hoo
Sailing up the Medway towards Hoo (Curtesy of Howard)

The Jester Burgee
Underway after leaving Poole
Yours truly on the passage from Poole to the Medway
Company leaving Poole
Sunset over Portland
Bob at the Helm leaving Dartmouth
Castle guarding the River Dart
Looking up the Kingsbridge Estuary, Salcombe
Starhole Bay, Salcombe
Bolt Head

Salcombe's Beaches

Cottages on the Salcombe Waterfront
Looking across the Kingsbridge Estuary from Salcombe

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