Monday 30 June 2014

The Great Escape ....

....from the Marina.

Finally got sailing. Joined by Mick and Alan. Frantic morning of jobs on Saturday 28/6. Out on the 1230 lock. Discovered tiller not straight but off to port by about 20°. Embarrassing but not a show stopper. Will probably leave as is for now. Motored as far as Stangate into light headwind. Then just enough to sail. After a slow start a good sail round Sheppy to Faversham Creek. Aries a great success and admired by all. Christened "Mildred" in honour of now retired George. Got hit by a few showers but otherwise pleasant.

Picked up buoy in Swale around 2000. Dinner on board. Dropped buoy around 1000 on Sunday and motored up Swale. Ran aground twice and foul of shipping regulations. Discovered anchor not bent on! Crew contemplated Court Martial but left me off with a piece of cake.

Wind picked up to 20+ k by Queenborough and storming close hauled sail up the river. Locked in at 1530.

A successful first outing of the year. Still lots of jobs to do including shortening Mildred's mounting tubes which are currently preventing the lift up mechanism from working. Also air leeks in water system after reinstalling water tank and installing new GPS/AIS transponder.A major tidy up and clean up also required.

Looking West up The Swale
Mildred in action

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