Monday 23 June 2014

Tiller installed but still not ready for sailing

That's the good news. And it is a beautiful piece of sculpture - thanks Paul. Also on the positive side Mick finished wiring up the new instruments and rationalised the engine wiring. However, the water tank has not yet been reinstalled and the Genoa not yet bent on. I did manage to get up the mast to check out the cause of the frayed genoa halyard. Possibly a routing issue but will have to get back up there once the Genoa bent on to be sure.

Oh and I almost forgot - Ian brought the new sail cover over which just fits and looks very smart and the spray hood which did not and will have to be adjusted. Sorry Ian!

Still loads of less major jobs to do (including adjustments to the Aries which may require use of a hacksaw) but the plan for next weekend is to get the genoa on and the water tank installed and then catch the lunch time ebb for and a short sail to the Swale. We'll see!

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