Sunday 31 May 2015

Ilhas Desert as to Funchal

We left the anchorage at 1045. During the early hours if the morning we both noticed squally conditions but the wind remained in the  north and we were still sheltered by the spit. After we had cleared the Lee of the island it became apparent just how sheltered the anchorage was. A very fresh wind was blowing from the north, F 5/6 we reckoned. The seas were relatively flat however. We put two reefs in and headed for Funchal on a course of about 310° twenty odd miles away in a straight line.

With the current reportedly running south west here abouts we hardened up to ensure we did not end up down wind of Funchal on arrival.

With a slight feeling of trepidation we engaged Angus. I had replaced the outrigger lines with non stretch dyneema whilst at Ilhas Desert as because the previous replacements had stretched! Angus performed perfectly in the strong winds.

We overdid our hardening up and ended up 5 miles or so north of Funchal, but turning downwind to get there was a damn sight better than having to beat up wind. 3 miles from Funchal the wind died and we motored the rest of the way in and moored up at 1600 in a sunny and hot Funchal marina.

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