Thursday 28 May 2015

Whoops and more photos from Porto Santo

Priority for today was to make modifications to wind vane. Replacing one type of string that was stretching and therefore reducing the amount the tiller could be pulled, with another that hopefully will not stretch). Whilst doing that I also changed the pushpit blocks (one having previously broken) so that they were both the same type. That meant taking one off the fore deck. In the course of doing that I noticed that one of the bolts holding the roller reefing mechanism together had fallen out. Managed to replace that and sorted out the wind vane including making another couple of adjustments.

Explored Porto Santo more this evening after completing my jobs. It's really a very pleasant town that has been sensitively developed into a tourist resort which hopefully the photos below demonstrate. The most astonishing aspect are the miles and miles of sandy beach without a hotel in site. It's a shame the same policy wasn't adopted in the Algarve.

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