Thursday 2 July 2015

Bon Voyage, Olly, Claus, Aric & Berter, Maaarten & Anna & Cecelia

Praia Vitoria turned out to be the social highlight of the trip so far. I met all the above and others there and spent a most enjoyable last evening at the beach bar as the wind rose to a near gale, swapping stories and yarns. Unfortunately, I neglected to take any photographs.

With the exception of Cecelia (who makes great Crêpes and heads next to Flores with her employers) the others are heading back to NW Europe as they come to the end of their voyages. They hope for a weather window to open on Friday. I hope they all have enjoyable and safe passages.

Olly and Claus are single handed in their small boats (27.5 feet Albin Vega and 24 feet respectively). Olly has undertaken an Atlantic circuit and Claus from Denmark did Moroco and the Canaries. Claus has travelled much of the world by cycle and is now sailing it. Aric and Berter from Amsterdam did a similar trip in their elderly classic steel sloop.

Maarten and Anna from Holland/Germany are completing an Atlantic circuit too. They set out last year on their first ocean crossing and kept going!

A wonderful group of people.

Bon Voyage and keep safe.

I'm flying home for two weeks now for the boys graduations and return again on the 15th to spend a week with the family on Terceria before continuing the trip.

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