Tuesday 25 August 2015

Flying Home tomorrow

I fly home on the 1000 flight via Madrid tomorrow and return on 26/10. I have quite a few jobs to do before setting off again including repairing Angus' connecting tube (that connects the servo pendulum to the vane). I forgot to mention it before. I noticed it had split in several places on arrival at Santa Cruz. Bernie and I made a temporary repair there with duck tape.

I joined the Ocean Cruising Club a few weeks ago and was made most welcome here by their local Port Officer, Augustin..

Augustin explained the hideously complex bureaucracy that Spanish sailors have to put up with. They have about 6 different qualifications that are required before one can sail off-shore. Increasingly the Spanish are resorting to registering their boats under foreign flags to avoid these ridiculous regulations. Flags of convenience for Yachts, whatever next?!

Pasito Blanco is a small village of mainly second homes with the Marina and a Yacht Club that doesn't welcome visiting Yachties, which is an interesting approach! Fortunately, Augustin more than made up for them.

When things go wrong!

In an earlier post I mention that the pin in the goose neck kept working lose. I found out why to day after dismantling the fitting I noticed that it had a smaller pin through the fitting and the main pin to stop it falling out. The small pin had sheared. I had a new fitting but it was not drilled to take a small pin....

Augustin to the rescue. He will arrange to have it drilled while I am away!

The south of Gran Canaria where we are is a desert with vast tourist developments along the coast. The landscape could be Mars.

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