Friday 18 November 2016

Tempting Fate

Left the pontoon this morning at 1000 in strong winds. Still frantically trying to get boat out when black smoke pouring out of cockpit lockers. Engine overheating. Had to lie across a few other boats waiting for marina guys to help us back to berth. Turns out the skipper - bloody fool - forgot to turn engine water inlet on. Water pipe on exhaust system melted. Agustin took me into Arguineguin to get new pipe. Esther fed us on my return. After lunch recommenced battle. Found one end of water trap on exhaust also melted. Back to Arguineguin. Amazing they had one. Now in Iron Mongers looking for copper pipe to make a lightning conductor! They have some of that too! I'll have that then back to boat and Mick to fit new water trap!

Dark by the time I got back so further work suspended. We'll carry on tomorrow morning.

Too tired to write any more!

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