Saturday 19 November 2016

Try again

Up at 0730 and started work installing the new water trap. Finished doing that around 0830 and started the engine. Success, thankfully. The engine noise dragged Mick out of his slumbers and we had breakfast and then set too double checking the pipe work for leaks and putting the contents of the cockpit lockers back in place.

We discovered a small leak in one of the water pipes that Mick finally managed to fix with new pipe brought back from Arguineguin by Jo. I had to alter the cockpit locker side panel due to the new water trap being a slightly different shape than the old one. In the process of installing it I broke the pipe from the stern gland greaser to the stern gland. It's essential to prevent water leaking in through the propeller shaft. I was able to shorten it OK but getting the old olive back on the pipe in order to make a seal and prevent the grease from leaking out was more difficult. Eventually Mick came up with a technique that worked - using a small socket to push the olive on the pipe. I then promptly pulled the pipe out when packing the locker and we were back to square one. Went in search of a replacement Olive locally but no luck. Really did not want to traipse into Arguineguin again and so spent ages trying to reshape the olive and get it back on the pipe. Eventually in act of desperation I hit a punch through it too hard and split the olive. That was not the intention but it did mean we could get it back on the pipe and wonders of wonders it all held together!

After a few other jobs including going up the mast to lubricate a squeaky pulley we finished all the must do tasks and repaired over the pontoon to Jo and Esther for drinks and snacks and had another very enjoyable evening. Then back to the boat to check the weather. Concluded all OK (despite the likelihood of encountering some heavy swell en-route). So, providing no further disasters we should be departing tomorrow morning.

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