Monday 1 April 2013

Arctic Smoke jobs Seacocks Starting Battery Adjust George fittings/try other way round Forward deck crack Rudder/steering check - grease glands Mast gaitor Replace rubber blocks in partners especially front re-set mast Wind speed instrument Replace mast bulbs with Leds Engine service Prop shaft check Stern gland check Check gas lines/bottles fit safety on/off Rear Windows suspect source of leaks Genoa tracks Solar panels Wind vane self steering Wind generator Seam on bottom in front of false keel various chips in gel coat Check toe rail fittings Seek advice re chain plates and fit bigger ones if required. Scrape bottom and Anti-foul with copper coat Clean gel coat Get compass adjusted Rudder blisters Interior woodwork Companion way hatch Deck paint.

Plus loads more including new stem head fitting, furler gear, sails. Re - chain plates - actually U bolts. Need to replace the lost

Jobs 2013

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