Saturday 15 May 2021

The End....

 Arctic Smoke has moved on to a new owner Jamie. Jamie,will I am sure take excellent care of her and continue to have enjoyable and exciting Adventures at the helm. 

Follow Jamie as he continues Arctic Smoke's adventures on his YouTube channel  (Sailing Plymouth).

I very much hope it's not the end of sailing adventures for me however. Covid permitting, I fly out to Albufeira in Portugal, on the 8th June to take possession of Arctic Smoke's replacement, "Bonny", a Biscay 36. The plan being to return her to the UK this summer via the Azores to prepare her for further oceanic adventures in 2022/23. Quite where we will be headed I do not know yet but that's part of the journey. Bonny, will I think require a new name once I get her back in the UK.