Tuesday 23 June 2015

Angra Do Heroismo.... And Next step

.... an amazing place. As luck would have it we arrived in the middle of their summer festival so lots going on.

A very attractive town.

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Yesterday evening we went to the "Bull Run". On the outskirts of town Bulls on the end of VERY long ropes are " coaxed" down the narrow streets in which the locals take turns at attempted suicide. Whilst it's only the men who are daft enough to try it the women egg-on the bulls and the men very enthusiastically. 

 It was really quite crazy, they had the bulls on a running down narrow streets with small front gardens down either side with makeshift barriers, into which us onlookers took cover. We moved from one to next door during the second Bull run and seconds after the Bull broke into the one we had just left and decimated it. Somehow everyone there managed to escape. The bulls are not harmed but needless to say back home everyone would have been locked up by the RSPCA. It was quite a spectacle but we were left feeling very uneasy about the whole thing. 

For those with the stomach for it there is a video on the video page.

After the Bull Run we returned to town and had a drink and Oyster like things - the local deliciously and quite disgusting. Rubber balls soaked in garlic. The stage was being prepared for a wind band and we stayed on to listen. They were good. Got chatting to a couple of Americans who play in a Portuguese band back in San Diego and who had been invited here to open the big dance parade which is tonight. Then dinner and then watched the music parade. Wonderful marching band and others. After the parade lots of local Folk groups playing music and dancing in the streets. Wonderful. Unfortunately by then my phone died and had forgotten my camera so no pics.

We're heading for Horta this afternoon with an ETA tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

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