Friday 5 June 2015

Multiple Organ Failure

Check out the last entry on the yellow brick blog page for the background.

After a beer, a bight and a rest we set too on the engine. First thing we found was the hose from engine block into exhaust had come adrift. Simple fixed that.

Engine on. Still no water coming out.

After much head scratching decided to look at the water pump impeller again.

Despite our earlier visual inspection once removed it was obvious it was split. Simple, I had a spare all we needed to do was fit it.

Of course it was under the quarter berth which was under a load of stuff....

Any way found it fitted it. Engine on. We could see water flowing through the water filter sump bowl but none coming out of exhaust!

Empty cockpit locker to examine exhaust pipe. More "stuff"...

Could see the water trap box had a hole in it. Then heard the tinkle tinkle of running water. The inlet to the box was also leaking. Screwdriver out and after some arm resting managed to remove the box and a length of pipe. Actually two holes in the box and the inlet severely coked up. Also the pipe knackered.

Now where do you think the best chance of getting a new box and pipe on Medeira is. That's right, Funchal from where we departed 30 hours ago (and took 24 hours to get here).

So tomorrow it will be a trip into Funchal for us with various bits of filthy exhaust system. If we're lucky we'll find what we need. If not we'll have to order the stuff in.

So we're going to be delayed here by at least a few days.

Still, I guess there are worse places to be delayed...

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