Monday 8 June 2015

Update on Exhaust bits and Mountain views and Dolphins

As feared the exhaust bits will have to be shipped from Holland so ETA here end of the week. We hope that is end of working week!

We hired a car and did a little exploring over the last couple of days as well as odd jobs around the boat (and sleeping-in and generally being pretty slothful).

Some photos from our exploring below - some of the views were quite stunning in the flesh. The short video if it works (see below), is worth a listen for the sound track. I thought the noise was from birds but it's actually mating frogs. You can catch a quick glimpse at the beginning of the video.

Also posted below some poor, but best of the poor, shots (and a video) of Dolphins from our sail down the south coast of Maderia.

Actually in seems that videos are not working well on the blog so I'll create a video page with links to the videos.

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