Sunday 9 June 2013


No boating as such this weekend but picked up the Aries self steering gear from Rod (actually from his neighbour, John, given that Rod was off sunning himself in Spain. So I bought his Aries without seeing him. However, will hopefully put that right some time as he and John live only two minutes off my route (on the outskirts of Norwich) to my mum's in Edingthorpe. Also he keeps his new boat - a Tradewind 35 - on the Orwell at Ipswich. Never been that far up the river but want to so now got an extra incentive.

Now of course I have given myself a dilemma. Do I lose another week-end's sailing from this year trying to fit the Aries or do I forget fitting it until next year. Mind you I need to figure out how to connect the rod from the wind vane to the servo mechanism. There's a socket arrangement on the end of the rod into which the ball on the servo mechanism is supposed to fit but for the life of me I cannot work out how. You can just make this out in the picture below. Got something to do with that a stainless steel spring clip but so far I have not worked it out.

Anyway off to Greece on Tuesday so will have to leave the mystery until my return.

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