Wednesday 17 July 2013

Nearly Ready!

Last weekend we (me, Mick and Bernie) took the boat into Chatham Marina for last minute jobs so we had access to shore power and showers. Both were welcome given the 30c temperatures although a power cut on Saturday evening threatened to deprive us of the showers. Fortunately it was short lived.

Jobs on a boat seem to breed - the more you do the more need to be done! However, the list of things that have to get done before we depart for westward destinations this coming weekend is almost completed. The new sails went on, the 12v sockets installation got finished, the loo door was prevented from falling off its runners, the u-bend vent on the loo inlet that I broke last weekend when I installed the u bend vent on the loo waste pipe (see I told you) got installed; the bottom got scrubbed as much as it could be from the dinghy and pontoon; the grotty spray hood got repaired; the Yeoman Chart Plotter got fixed; the anti-slide barrier on the galley work top got fixed; the hinge on one of the cabin lockers got fixed, and more besides. Special mention has to be made of Bernie's upholstery cleaning service (but alas no photo). He brought his steam cleaner and gave everything a thorough deep clean.

Last week the solar panel installation got completed (and it worked) and most importantly my posh new clock and barometer got installed.

As you can see the cover around the mast/roof aperture did not. Indeed it was only on viewing this photo that I realised there should be one. The original is long gone. A new one will have to wait.

This Friday we go down to the boat after work to undertake club mooring patrol duties over night. On Saturday morning we'll take the boat into Hoo marina for a few hours to load our gear, off load more 'stuff', do the shopping and, do some very last minute jobs. Then the plan is to push off at lunchtime on the ebb. Destination could be the East Swale, Ramsgate or even Portsmouth. The settled weather is supposed to give us moderate winds from the East for a few days more and we may take as much advantage as possible. We need to get near a rail station on Tuesday to drop Andy off and pick-up Stephen.

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