Tuesday 15 July 2014

New Livery, Whoops

After a few trials and errors, Ian finalised the Spray Hood and I fitted it at the weekend and even though I say so myself AS now looks pretty dam smart.

I spent Saturday afternoon up Chris's mast again fitting his new stays that he made up himself and saved a small fortune on rigging fees. I was pinched and squashed in a few places I would have preferred not to have been but no serious damage done!

Sunday was a sailing day and a chance to impress some new crew with my boating skills. James and Will turned up around 0930 and after I briefed them on the procedure for getting through the lock safely, we radioed the lock house got permission to lock out, cast of the lines and gently departed the pontoon. As it turned out it was a good job it was gently because I had completely forgotten to remove the shore power line and we therefore on the brink of causing some serious damage. However, our sedate departure meant that I was able to take the way way off quickly enough with a burst of reverse and was then able to jump back on to the pontoon to unplug the shore line and hop back aboard before the crew were able to fathom quite what a fool I had been (well afterwards they both said they would like to come again anyway).

We then went for gentle sail with the light wind but against the flood tide down the river to Half Acre Creek. After some debate I reckoned we had enough water to take the short cut down South Yantlet Creek and anyway the tide was rising! A few burst of rain along the way but a pleasant sail and the sun came out for lunch at anchor in Half Acre Creek. The return was a mixture of flat calm and brisk head winds against the tide. With full springs against us we had to motor when the wind was dead ahead but on occasions we were creaming along at 6 k close hauled.

We all enjoyed the day immensely and both James and Will want to come back for more!

Unfortunately I forgot to take any more photos.

Next Sunday a day out with the kids and dogs!

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