Thursday 16 May 2013

So as of today 16th May:
  • Seacocks done these are some of the old ones- what a job, thankfully Chris on hand to advise and direct operations.

    Now got two blakes (not shown) - one for the re-sited engine water intake and one for the loo inlet. They are horrible things to fit - lining up the holes drilled through the hull so the bolts go through the inner and outer fittings is a nightmare.Drilling out the old engine water intake that was situated in a completely inaccessible place under the engine - if it failed there was no chance of getting a bung in it

    was a bit nerve wracking and filling the hole too - but again on advise from Chris.

    Replaced the loo outlet skin fitting and ball valve with like for like except that use corrosion resistant brass ball valve. The old one had sheared which was what raised the prospect of new sea cocks in the first place. The galley one - I left the bronze skin fitting and just replaced the ball valve with corrosion resistant one which the old one was not.
  • Can't remember what I was supposed to do to the starting battery but I eventually started the engine the other week and it coped with that ok.
  • George not tackled yet - he can wait
  • Nor deck - crack (but actually it only needs painting over the filler previously applied)
  • Nor Mast Gaitor/partners - perhaps a job for the bank holiday weekend at the end of May

  • Nor mast bulbs - they will have to wait
  • Prop shaft stern gland not checked either but on the list for this coming weekend.
  • However, the rudder stuffing box which I was completely ignorant of until Chris mention it has been adjusted and greased. At some future date need to install a standpipe around it to prevent potential leaks entering the boat
  • God this is awful gas lines neither nor windows, nor wind vane self steering. Have tracked down an Aries via ebay but am waiting for Rod who's selling it to obtain the servo blade from the previous owner. Fitting it will have to wait to next year.
  • The seam on the bottom of the keel has however been done - the "repair" not shown but it was to the white bit behind the red bit of the keel below
  • Chips on gel coat on the list for this coming weekend
  • Have been advised by Chris that the chain plates including the one on the bow will have to be replaced before ocean crossing - deferred to next year!
  • The bottom was scraped completely clean down to the gel coat - took a number of weekends, but a couple of weeks ago applied Verometal anti fouling - copper dust suspended in fibreglass resin. Expensive but supposed to last for years.

  • 3 Solar panels bought but run out of time to fit. However, will fit one a semi flexible 50w in the near future. The big 100w rigid ones will have to wait to next year (a theme is developing).
  • Rudder blisters done AND not on the previous list, the crack down the front edge of the rudder has been repaired and two re-inforcing brackets have been fitted.

  • Compass not sorted yet nor companion way hatch.
  • Also not on previous list was replacing hull annode (just in shot top left above). Did that last week with the help of Mick and Bernie (thank goodness cos it took the three of us 6 hours and about 10 drill bits to fit the stainless steel re-inforcing brackets on the rudder). However, Mick subsequently researched annode fitting and it turns out that we did just about everything wrong so this weekend I will have to remove it and re-fit.
  • Also bought and got fitted new furling gear for the Genoa. This is the old gear at deck level
    A Sailspar continuous line system replaced it - looks good  but no photo!.
  • Also removed all the hard fibreglass filler from the keel/hull join and replaced with flexible filler and then treated iron keel with ant-rust treatment

  • New sails on order from Jeckells too. Should arrive for the bank holiday weekend. May even to be able to go sailing for a bit then
Believe it or not, it's taken almost every weekend since Christmas to get those jobs completed!

Re-launch booked for Wednesday 22/5 which means just one weekend left the final must do below water line jobs - (annode re-mounting, anti fouling under the pads and on the skin fittings and rudder brackets) Plus the gel coat dents and chips around the counter. Also need to get the mooring prepared with new lines.

Still loads to do after, like servicing the engine and fitting the flexible solar panel and no doubt numerous other things that I have forgotten or not thought of.

However, looks like in with a fighting chance of being sufficiently ready for the one month summer cruise west commencing mid July. May make Ireland but be happy if get to the Channel Isles or even the Scillies.

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