Thursday 23 May 2013

The Eagle has landed....

...that's to say Arctic Smoke has .... in the water

and with no leaks which was a big relief given the amount of through hull jobs undertaken.

Everything out of the lockers so below waterline fittings can be checked.

The Mate at work.

All went according to plan. No mishaps.

Back on the water after a look at the view....

....Mick spotted that I had installed part of the throttle linkage upside down during emergency repairs whilst on the Blackwater with Howard last Autumn. Sorted that. Discovered the Loo plumbing a little leaky so need to buy some new bits. Actually, Mick over-tightened a jubilee clip on a plastic fitting and broke it. He has since reported a new one will cost me £30!

As earlier posts have indicated, there's still loads to do. Mick and Bernie to join me next weekend for more jobs and hopefully a little sailing.

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