Tuesday 21 April 2015

Camarinas photso, First Anchorage - Ria de Morus

From yesterday's downhill sailing..

Some shots from Camarinas..

The below is a dog!

Departure this morning...


It was an almost windless for the whole trip including rounding the Cape.

We left at 0645 BST and dropped our hook here in Morus at 1545. Had a problem with the Genoa on our approach. First it would not furl, then when tried to drop it to get round that problem but  it would not drop either. Finally after much persuasion we maneged to furl it enough to anchor. I then went up the mast to investigate and found a lose screw near the top of the foil (the tube that the sail is wrapped around when it's furled) which was stopping the sail from sliding down the foil. Back on deck we still had the problem with the furling but I eventually spotted that the haliyard was getting wrapped round the foil at the top and realised that this was due to an earlier incident days before on crossing to Coruna when in the blow, the whole furling mechanism got out of control and span around the stay causing the haliyard to wrap itself around it.

A local craft..

No opportunity for furtyher fiddling with the wind vane today, but we had no success with it yesterday and so it's looking rather doubful. I'm now considering getting the Aries shipped out from home. It's heavy which is why I removed it, but at least I know it works.

Tomorrow we head for Vigo, only a short hop down the coast.

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