Friday 24 April 2015

That major job.....

.... turned out to be a bit more major than we hoped.

To start with we had a lazy morning not really getting going until 1130 local time. My first job was to go off hunting for fuses, plywood (for another spare vane) and lead flashing to replace the nuts and washers I used to increase the counterbalance weight of the wind vane. Two hours and lots of hills later I arrived back with the fuses. Fortunately the plywood and lead flashing were not essential items.

Them it was time for lunch after which we started on the Genoa furling. After an initial inspection we decided to take the swivel apart (the top of the sail is attached to it so it can be hoisted up the wire stay at the front of the boat and it allows the sail to be furled round it when the right bit of string is pulled.

A couple of loose screws later and there were ball bearings running around the deck and into the water!

That meant we had to dismantle the whole furling mechanism to get the swivel off and replace the ball bearings - fortunately I had some spares. We got that done and started to re-assemble the mechanism when rain stopped play.

That gave me the opportunity to look at the laptop charging issue. Another blown fuse - now replaced and now writing this waiting for the rain to stop.

Also an opportunity to show you how quickly the Spanish can build a block of flats. Last night when we went to bed there was nothing there, this morning......

The Spanish also like their street art...

Really want to get the furling issue sorted out so that we can test the wind vane tomorrow, but it's still raining!

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