Wednesday 20 May 2015

Lisbon 20/5/1

Spent a very enjoyable Monday evening out to dinner with Charles and Zoe from Valindra a 37 foot Kim Holman sloop. They have just started their round the world cruise having left the UK south coast a little after us.

They have also been very helpful with the loan of their digital scales needed to measure the weight of the counter balance weight of the wind vane, and with a gift of some lead flashing that we needed to adjust the weight of same.

We have now completed the various adjustments to the wind vane suggested by John and Chris, barring a couple that may need to be made whilst under way.
Also did a couple of other jobs on the boat - rigging a permanent preventer line for the mainsail and a downhaul on the spinnaker pole. Both lead back to the cockpit and should make setting up the sails for running much easier.

Now we need the wind to calm down a little which has been howling here for the last few days (and to do our laundry) before we set of on yet another trial of the wind vane. That will probably be to Cascais on Friday, weather permitting. Hopefully, we'll then be ready to head off on the longer haul to the Azore, possibly via Madeira.

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