Monday 18 May 2015

Lisbon and Wind Vane update.

This taken from the marina water front looking towards the bridge last night. Arctic Smoke is buried in there near the bridge. It looks prettier than it is!

This the party boat that kept us awake on our first night.

We have now had loads of information and advice from John and Chris the designer and builder of the wind vane and have started to digest it. There are half a dozen things to look at/adjustments to make, which we will start tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 

Went looking for Chandlers, shops and markets today. Found a supermarket and market for provisioning. Found a Chandlers but they didn't have what we needed/very expensive. The response we got when asking for grease was as if we had asked for nuclear fuel! Still will try alternatives tomorrow or day after.

Also looked for digital scales to weigh the weights on the wind vane. No luck other than now know best place to look which is a bit of trek. Not sure if essential requirement yet so will see how we get on without.

Otherwise wandered around as tourists do and just enjoyed the experience of Lisbon. 

Ongoing quest to find a jazz venue also continues. There's a jazz festival on but only at weekends, by which time we plan to have departed.

Just as we got back to boat we saw another Brit boat come in that we had chatted too in Leixeos. Have been invited for drinks later.

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