Thursday 28 May 2015

Photos from Porto Santo and update

Still not seen a lot yet and we only on Porto Santo which is a small volcanic and fairly barren but with a great beach. It's still VERY quite here. There are only 4 other visiting yachts and 3 are all Swedish! The other not sure. Only a couple of local yachts in the water. We took a taxi into the (only) "town" yesterday evening.  Attractive and been developed sympathetically but the original town no bigger than a small village. Columbus apparently lived here so hope to get back into town later to see the museum and Church after doing various odd jobs, mainly on the wind vane.

The plan is to leave tomorrow for Ilhas Desert as - small islands off the south coast of Madeira itself and which being a nature reserve we need a special permit to visit. It looks beautiful and only has one secluded anchorage which given it is so quiet hopefully will be just that. As long as weather is ok we'll stay there overnight and probably try out the "new" outboard to get ashore. Then we'll go over to Funchal the day after.

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