Monday 29 June 2015

First day at Praia Da Vitoria

The beach and Marina at Praia Da Vitoria

Got woken up this morning by rain dripping on my face at 0600. Closed the hatches and went back to bed until 0900. Still raining, so had a cup of tea and then checked in at the Marina office. Another very efficient check in and this marina is the cheapest in the Azores which is why I'm leaving the boat here for my two week trip back to the UK on Thursday.

After the check-in it was still raining and so had a leisurely breakfast and did very little. It cleared up at 1500, so moved boat to the long stay berth indicated by the Marina manager with the help of a local.

Went out to scout around at 1600 and bumped into Ollie, on the return leg of solo Atlantic circuit in his 27.5 foot Albin Vega. We're going for a beer later. 

Now after the drinks with Ollie a Scott, Klaus, a Dane, Eric a Dutchman, and Celia a French woman. Very enjoyable. 

The town is pleasant but photos not uploading so no views at present.

Will get out for a proper look around tomorrow.

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