Friday 26 June 2015

"Would you like to buy some fish?"

Was the question I was asked by a cute 6 year old Swiss girl at lunch time. She's very young for a fish wife was my first thought, dinner was my second, so yes was my reply. Well I was wrong about dinner. The fish in question were alive and about an inch long and cost 15 cents each. Having established that the fish would like company I ordered three and the gang of three kids sped back around the Marina to fetch the fish. They were back in 5 minutes with a small drink bottle containing the 3 small fish and advice to leave the lid off and change the water regularly. I did as instructed but alas when I wasn't looking one of the fish jumped out and I found him deceased next to the bottle. I looked around to make sure the kids were not around and let the other 2 fish have their freedom. 5 minutes later the kids were back with an offer of sea weed at no extra cost. I had to confess to my negligence at that point and to the fate of the other 2 fish. They took it very well.

Earlier Tony and I had our last cafe coffee and said our good byes and he was whisked away in a taxi to the airport for his 24 hour "flight" back home.

I then did a couple of jobs on the boat - tracked down and fixed the dodgy connection in the navigation lights circuit, re-attached the telescopic hinge on the fore Hatch that fell apart this morning and swam under the boat to check the bottom. Apart from a coating of slime it was clean. I also tried to free the rope around the propeller of Chris and Lorraine's boat but a sharp knife was needed and Chris finished the job later.

The above are scenes in the town the two below of the swimming "pool" with a view of Pico. I went in and very pleasant it was too.

Tomorrow I'm sharing a car with Chris and Lorraine for a tour of the island.

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