Friday 19 June 2015

Santa Maria

The above is of the Fort over looking Vila do Porto Harbour.

The island is geologically the oldest of the Azores' islands and is the longest settled. 

Geologically it is something of a curiosity consisting of both sedimentary and volcanic rocks - see the info boards below....

These boards were displayed around an old limestone quarry in which the kiln had been preserved for public viewing but unfortunately the whole thing had been buried under a recent rockfall and all that was left was some splendid stone steps leading down into a hole full of rubble!

The town was first established in the 16th Century and was constantly resisting pirate attacks which apparently explains it's long narrow development leading away from the sea - a narrow front being easier to defend.....

The countryside reminded me very much of North Wales but with areas containing much more exotic flora than one would see there. The following photos provides an indication but unfortunately my attempt to upload many others failed and so I'll have to add them at a later date...

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