Sunday 28 June 2015

Sao Jorge..and next...

Overlooking the bay at Velas

Is a beautiful island with inconspicuous levels of tourism leaving one absolutely charmed by its beauty - a mixture of rolling hills, cows, steep cliffs, Hydrangea everywhere and friendly people.

Yesterday (Saturday) I shared a hire car with Chris and Lorraine and we spent a day exploring the island. We covered most of the island except for the south eastern 1/4 and had a beautiful day taking in the numerous views and features from the old whale look out station at the extreme north western end of the island to a disused but well preserved water mill set into one of the numerous cliffs.

In the marina at Velas alongside Gryphon II (Chris & Lorraine)

Chris & Lorraine at the Whale Look Out Station

We went for a swim in the sea at the tiny harbour of Ribeira Seca on the south coast, little more than a concrete quay and a crane for hauling boats out.

We then had a fish lunch at a charming restaurant over-looking the bay before driving further east to the small holding and vineyard at Faja da Fraguieira.

Then back to Velas, the main town on the Island

Me and Tony before his departure on Friday

Will be heading for Prai da Vitoria on Terceria later today. May stop off at Angra. ETA at Paia da Vitoria Monday morning, if stop at Angra, eta this evening

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